January 30, 2021 

Delta Enrichment Series:

Cleveland Church of Christ

with Kirk Brothers and Willie Nettle.

Cleveland, Mississippi    

Wayne Jackson

Passed Away December 2, 2020

    JACKSON, TN--Wayne Jackson, founder and contributing author of the Christian Courier passed away. He was 83 and had been suffering from a long-term debilitating, terminal illness. He passed peacefully at his home in Jackson, Tennessee surrounded by his wife and family.

    Wayne Jackson preached for the East Main church of Christ in Stockton, California for 56 years, from 1961 to 2017. In 1965, he founded the Christian Courier, a monthly journal of biblical studies. Over the course of his tenure, he wrote more than 3,000 articles, 43 books, and engaged in 21 public debates. In 2017, he moved to Jackson, Tennessee, to live close to family. He was a faithful member of the North Jackson church of Christ in Jackson, Tennessee.

"Wednesday Wisdom"

Here's a video from Dennis Doughty

"Wednesday Wisdom" 



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