Coffeeville Church of Christ

Searching for a minister. A congregation of 45-60 people. A 3-bedroom 2-bath house is provided and also has a storage building. House is adjacent to the church building.

Jim Peters 662-675-8623

John Allen 662-473-8702


Ackerman Church of Christ

We are in search of a preacher. Community oriented, very youth oriented. Congregation around 120 members. If you know of anyone that might be interested that you would recommend please ask them to contact one of the 3 elders.

Gary Gardner  662-552-2138

Coyt Hunt 662-285-7072

Warren Hunt  662-285-7185

Jackson Grove Church of Christ

The Jackson Grove congregation in Enid, Mississippi, is in need of a preacher on Sundays. It is a small group of about 15 members, and is one of the oldest congregations in the state, going back to 1870.

Buddy Kiihmi 662.647.5346.


Winnsboro Louisiana

Church of Christ

We are currently in search of a replacement of a retired preacher of 35 plus yrs. We are a stable congregation looking for someone to help us grow.  If you are that man, please send your pertinent info to

Randy George 318 417-1358

North Alabama

Christian Children’s Home


     We are looking for a Christian couple who are faithful members of the Church of Christ, to work with us as Houseparents for one of our girls and boys homes. Benefits include an excellent salary for both Houseparents (even if the husband works outside the home), Life Insurance, free housing, food, gas, help with Health insurance, & a bonus for anyone who works with us 3 years.


For more information,

call Don Williams, Director (256-366-3327)

or Melinda Jackson, Social Worker


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