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The Lord's
Supper Issue

from Dennis

      While in the South Pacific nation of Fiji, I traveled out on a beautiful Sunday morning to a congregation that met behind a member’s home under a large carport. There were maybe a dozen wooden pews, a wooden table, and a large old pulpit. After Bible class the ladies, dressed in their colorful sarongs, covered the table with a beautiful white linen sheet. Next, they brought out the communion trays and, setting them on the table, respectfully covered them in another white cloth. There I joined them in partaking the bread and drinking the cup in remembrance.

      Paul wrote. “Is not the cup of blessing which we bless a sharing in the blood of Christ? Is not the bread which we break a sharing in the body of Christ?  Since there is one bread, we who are many are one body; for we all partake of the one bread.”

Around the world Christians meet every Lord’s Day.  We sing different songs. We preach in different languages. Our places of worship range from homes to rented storefronts to chapels, or even carports. Only one thing remains constant; we all partake of the same unleavened bread and drink of the same fruit of the vine.  We all share in the body and blood of Christ. It is this partaking in which “we who are many are one body.”

      I have been blessed to take of this sacred communion with brethren around the world. It is the true mark of the church that Jesus established.  It is the one singular purpose of our coming together.  It is the only assembly we are taught to not “forsake.”

      I obeyed the gospel as a young boy. The first thing I was honored to do as a young Christian was to wait on the Lord’s Table, first on Sunday nights for those who needed it. Later I “moved up” and began to serve on the table on Sunday mornings, and even began to lead prayers for the bread or cup. I have remembered the death of my Savior in this way every Lord’s Day since.

      As things are beginning to get back to normal in our churches, I hope this issue’s emphasis on the Lord’s Supper highlights this reason for our gathering. MM

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Volume 44; Number 2; Summer 2022


  3   Why Unleavened Bread?
  4   Bible Q&A
  5   A Return to the Table
  6   ABC's of the Lord's Supper
  8   A Talk from the Table
  9  The Preacher's Page 
12  Youth & Family 
14  Woman's Viewpoint
16  A Spiritual Temple
18  A Time to Remember
20-21  Mission Report
22  If I were the Devil!
24  Visiting among Churches 
29  MM Preacher Search
30  Inscriptions
32  Question Box

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