June Franks Booker

May 27, 1940- September 17, 2021

      How do we tell the story of a life so well lived?  How do we, in a few sentences, tell of all the good deeds she has done?  How do we, in this brief column, speak adequately of the great love she had for her family and her God.  Can I write about all the friendships she made, the hugs she gave, the miles she traveled, the churches she visited with her beloved husband Al?  Can we grasp the many hours she spent reading her Bible, writing her articles for the Magnolia Messenger, and the untold hours she spent helping others? No, we cannot.

      Hers is a story of young love, of two kids who met as teenagers, of a young bride and a boy preacher. Al and June would have sixty-three years of marriage, held together by a love of each other and a common love for the Lord and His church.

June loved her home, her yard, and her new carport where she proudly hung a chandelier she got from Jeff, her second love, that sadly ended much too soon.

      Her love for her home I find a little interesting as she and Al spent as much, if not more time, on the road in the RV, traveling on behalf of the Magnolia Messenger, and preaching the gospel.

      Miss June loved the Magnolia Messenger. Even before Al had drawn his last breath, she asked me if I would become the editor of the paper. Even in her deep grief of the moment, she was still thinking about “Mississippi’s Good News Paper.”

      As the Editor I relied upon her a lot these past two years. I called her our CEO, going to her often for advice and information.  Her mind and memory were amazing! I would get an article, email, or call from people I didn’t know, and I would call up the CEO and she would tell me who they were and where they went to church and when she last saw them.  Sadly, she died before she saw the Fall issue. Many items and pictures in it were from her efforts.

      Solomon said, “Charm is deceitful, and beauty is vain, but a woman who fears the LORD, she shall be praised. And let her works praise her in the gates” (Proverbs 31: 30-31). We praise her life as we have now laid her body to rest and given her soul unto the Lord she served. We will miss her greatly, our Miss June.

-Dennis Doughty

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Volume 43; Number4; Winter 2021


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