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FROM:  The Elders of the South Huntington 

Church of Christ in Kosciusko, MS


Dear Brethren,

     The Magnolia Messenger has been under the oversight of the S. Huntington Church of Christ since its inception 41 years ago.  It is a blessed work of our church and we are honored to have been involved in it.

  Brother Al Franks had served faithfully and admirably as its Editor over all these years. 

    Not only was his service as the editor much appreciated, but his role as one of our elders was a great blessing.  We are reminded of the relationship of David and Jonathan.

When David had to leave for his safety, Jonathan said, “… you will be missed, because your seat will be empty” (I Sam. 20:18).  Indeed, Al Franks will be missed because his seat is empty.  We yet mourn his passing while knowing that he would want us to move on.

    So, the purpose of this letter is to announce to all our readers and supporters that we, the elders of the S. Huntington Church of Christ, have asked Dennis Doughty to be the new editor of the Magnolia Messenger.  Dennis has graciously accepted this great responsibility.  He has some large shoes to fill, but we feel he is exceptionally qualified to take on this role.  

     Dennis is no stranger to writing, editing, and publishing a paper.  Many years ago he worked with Al in writing and publishing a little paper called “Truth in Love.”  It was a forerunner of the Magnolia Messenger.  For eleven years in the State of Georgia Dennis founded and published a paper called “The Deaf Disciple.”  This paper highlighted deaf work among the church. For five years he was an editorial aide to Basil Overton in publishing “The World Evangelist.”   For the past fourteen years he has written a weekly column called “Inscriptions” which appears in bulletins and newsletters.  Dennis also has experience in non-church related publications.  He has served as the editor of the “Mid-South Golfer” magazine. 

     In addition to all the above, Dennis has authored four books.  Two of those were published by 21st Century Christian:  “Heaven, A Christian Journey into Eternity” and “Road to the Upper Room.”  

     Dennis is currently serving the Tunica Church of Christ as their preacher.  He recently began his fourteenth year in that position.

     As you reflect on all this, please know that the entire Franks family also strongly believes that Dennis Doughty is the man for the job.  June and Glenda Franks will continue to be heavily involved in the ongoing work of the Magnolia Messenger.  As you pray, please remember these families as they continue to mourn the death of Al and Paul. 

     Should you have any questions about the work and direction of the Magnolia Messenger, please do not hesitate to ask.  Your prayers and your faithful support are needed.  May our God bless you in all your endeavors!




Les Ferguson, Sr.               Andy Wood

Elder                                       Elder

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Volume 42; Number 4; Winter 2020


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