50th anniversary


The Lumberton Church of Christ in Lumberton,

Mississippi is planning a 50th anniversary homecoming on

Sunday, June 5, 2022. More information is on Facebook at “LumbertonMSChurch.”


The Magnolia Messenger

is no longer just a Mississippi paper; it is now

Mississippi's contribution to our brotherhood.

From Dennis

      The past few months I have gone to both the Harding and Freed-Hardeman Bible Lectureships. I have set up our Magnolia Messenger display and spent several days greeting folks as they came by.

      I’ve become aware of

two things; first, a lot of

folks love this publication.

You tell me of the years

you have been getting it,

or of how you or your

grandmother always sent

in the Question Box, or how

much you loved the Franks.

There is a true affection

between the Messenger and its readers.

      Second, people who love this publication love God’s word, as evident of those attending these Bible lectureships. You are dedicated to the Lord’s church, many serving as leaders in your congregations, you study your Bible, read these articles, and answer the questions on the back page.

      All of you who get this brotherhood publication also support this work with your donations.  You put your money where your heart is.  It has been your love and support that has kept this work going despite great tragedies among it founders.

      The Magnolia Messenger continues to grow in its scope and influence. It is growing in California.  It is growing in Florida.  It is growing in Illinois. It is no longer just a Mississippi paper; it is now Mississippi’s contribution to our brotherhood.

      Another factor to this success is the quality of our writers. We have a growing arena of men and women who write great articles.  They are well educated, some are young, some are older, but all have a great knowledge of God’s word and the ability to share it with pen in hand.

      Now well into my third year as your editor, I turn on my computer each morning and feel the pulse of God’s people coming across my desk. I see a healthy church of Christ and feel blessed to be a part of it. -dd

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Volume 44; Number1; Spring 2022


  3   The whole Christ in a word
  4   Bible Q&A
  5   The Waiting Game
  6   Nobody but Jesus
  9   The Preachers Page
10  Glimpes in Genesis of Jesus 
12  Youth & Family 
14  Jesus is our Victory
16  Woman's Viewpoint
18  Jesus Wept
19  Is door-knocking Fruitful
20  A Wonderful Savior is
       Jesus my Lord
21  Mission Report
26  Preacher Search
32  Question Box

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